Welcoming Parrots into our Care

Welcoming Parrots into our Care

A parrot standing under a tree with red flowers.

Care of Our Parrots

We have over 72 Parrots living at Sarasota Parrot Conservatory. Each Parrot has its own story and reason for coming to live in our care. We provide special care for each parrot that comes to live with us. We have a detailed three step intake process which allows us to ultimately put the parrot in the most healthy and natural setting. They can choose to be indoors or in our indoor/outdoor aviary.

Upon arrival we ensure that each parrot receives the special attention it needs to adjust to their new surroundings and we ensure that they are acclimated immediately as we begin our intake process. We gather as much history as possible about the parrot before arrival and welcome the parrot into our care by placing them in our indoor observation area so that we can watch its behavior. We seek to determine its likes and dislikes including whether it enjoys being by itself, or if it becomes bonded with another parrot or simply enjoys being housed with a small flock. We learn what the parrot desires regarding location and living conditions. This method is designed to allow a healthy transition from living with a person or family to integrating into our life at the conservatory with the goal to make the parrot as comfortable as possible.

If a parrot chooses to stay in a cage they can. If they enjoy our indoor/outdoor enclosure they have a cage but can come out during the day whenever they choose. If housed in an outdoor aviary they have full shade, filtered sun, and open roofing which allows them to bask in the sun or take a bath during the rain as well as flying. All parrots have fans, misting, and heat sources depending on the time of year as well as many types of enrichment choices in their enclosures to keep them stimulated.

Any parrot that demonstrates that they enjoy interacting in a public setting can have their wings clipped for their safety and attend community events allowing them this additional stimulation. Some parrots simply want to be left alone and not handled which is fine as well.

We have a host of veterinarians who attend to all of our animals.

We do not adopt parrots out which gives comfort to certain owners who desire a forever home for their beloved pet versus the unknown of rehoming, which may happen many times during the parrots life.


To rescue, rehabilitate and care for parrots.


We inspire and nurture the human spirit by connecting people with parrots and each other in joyful, immersive ways.