What We Offer

Because we rescue, rehabilitate and care for parrots we inspire and nurture the human spirit by connecting people with parrots and each other in joyful, immersive ways. See what enchantment awaits you!

We are open by appointment only. Please call or email us for more information about our programs and experiences.

We offer the following: Onsite Opportunities


Tours: family friendly experiences and fun is awaiting you as you interact with our parrots and other animal residents. Tours typically take one hour


Clinics to teach you how to care for your Parrot – We encourage potential parrot owners to visit our sanctuary to see what is entailed to properly care for a parrot. Depending on time and travel we offer a program which includes a home visit to show the owner what to consider for the health and safety of their parrot. We also discuss the time it takes to keep your parrot healthy and stimulated, proper diet, proper medical care, proper cage size, recommended resources for reading and video study as well as how to handle the different behaviors exhibited by parrots. Clinics usually last 60 to 90 minutes and there is no charge.

Parrot Boarding

Our facility is a safe and stress-free environment for your valued family member while you are away. Pictures and videos are sent regularly to update owners to add comfort to your experience. We have the ability to keep your pet by itself or surrounded by a flock giving it the additional stimulation inherent in a flock setting safely and disease free.

Avian Assisted Intervension Program Onsite

Avian assisted therapy program designed to use the bond between a person and parrot both having suffered a traumatic event and facilitating healing for both. (Please call for an appointment)

Many of our parrots crave human interaction and they are all candidates for our Trauma therapy program called Avian Assisted Therapy. We have a very detailed process that takes a person who has suffered trauma through a journey of healing with our parrots over a period of time. In the beginning phase pariticpants visit our sanctuary to help us identify which parrot the person will be paired with. Once that occurs a series of observation sessions outside an aviary are required. The next phase includes interaction with the parrot in its enclosure. After this period of adjustment for both our parrot and the individual we advance the person and their partnered parrot to have sessions together in a tranquil setting around our sanctuary.
This type of healing therapy is not considered to be clinical and is not held in a clinical setting, therefore we do not require health insurance and most importantly we do not charge a fee for this service. Our goal is to bring parrots and people who have suffered trauma together in a joyful and immersive environment for healing.

Join Us at the Sarasota Parrot Conservtory for your New Year!

Enjoy our parrots, pigs, donkey and horse for your next party. Themes can be geared for people of all ages including an opportunity to meet the World Famous Tik Tok star Wallace the Warthog. Special themed parties like our pigs, parrots and prince/princess parties for birthdays or other special occasions are a crowd pleaser for children and adults alike. At the birthday party on site we allow guests to interact with and feed many of our animals. (Call for pricing)

A woman holding a parrot on her shoulder.

Community Engagement Offsite Opportunities

A picture of the back of a person 's head.

Senior Enrichment Program Offsite

We’re All Young at Heart Program: to see the childlike wonder in the eyes of our senior community residents is all it takes to understand the joyful impact our parrot enrichment program has. Working with local activity directors our ability to bring joy to senior home residents is unforgettable. Being able to ask questions about our parrots and see them up close and interactive allows seniors to participate in this wonderful activity. Special moments happen when Alzheimer patients remember parrots they have owned before bringing tears to family and caregivers in attendance.. Laughter and smiles await everyone in this memorable experience that has us being asked back again and again.

Parties and Events at Your Location

We are available for weddings, galas, private functions and community outreach. (Call for pricing)